Portada ยป Putin arrives in North Korea as war in Ukraine redefines ties with Kim

Putin arrives in North Korea as war in Ukraine redefines ties with Kim

by Lily Chang
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Among other things, the conflict has given Pyongyang a rare opportunity to evaluate the performance of its missiles in combat and potentially refine their designs.

North Korea would also welcome greater access to sophisticated Russian military technology, including its extensive knowledge of satellites. Two months after Kim’s visit to Russia last year, North Korea put its first military reconnaissance satellite into orbit, a launch that South Korean officials say was aided by technological assistance from Moscow.

Russia, which has the world’s largest arsenal of nuclear weapons and one of the most sophisticated submarine programs, has a number of other technologies of interest to North Korea. Despite many years of disarmament efforts by Washington and the United Nations, Pyongyang has conducted six nuclear tests and developed intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of reaching the United States.

Isolated from the rest of the world due to international sanctions, North Korea has a number of needs outside of military ones that Moscow could also help satisfy. South Korean officials said Russia, the world’s largest grain exporter, supplies food and raw materials as well as parts for weapons production.

In the article published in Rodong before the trip, Putin said that Moscow will support North Korea’s fight against “the cunning, dangerous and aggressive enemy” by deepening economic relations and establishing a new system of trade agreements free from American interference.

Ushakov said Russia’s trade with North Korea reached $34.4 million in 2023, nine times the previous year’s amount. He said the summit will include a discussion on restoring humanitarian ties that have been suspended during the pandemic due to North Korea’s strict rules.

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